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HEI is an association of legal entities and independent experts dealing with issues related to event management and event services provider. The aim of HEI is to contribute to research and education in the field of social sciences related to the organization and provision of events and to support the export of events related services to the EU and to the world.

About us

Our vision

  • To be a leader in event organization processes optimizing and automating in Europe
  • To help Slovak Companies to promote the Organization of Events and Subcontracts on the European and World Market
  • To be a leader in socially responsible event business with an emphasis on the environment protection

Our mission

  • To provide high added value in event management
  • To contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and business results of Slovak companies in events management through supportive IT services
  • To improve the success of the promotion, organization, and implementation of events by analyzing the collected data
  • To accelerate and streamline organizational activities of Slovak companies in events organizing
  • To contribute to sustainability and environmental focus in organizing events

Our strategic goals

  1. To arrange educational activities, lectures, discussions, seminars, and conferences on the events management;
  2. Realization of optimization and automation of event processes;
  3. To develop optimized event organization schemes with an emphasis on security and cultural and social benefits for the local community;
  4. Educating of the organizers of the event in the field of security, eco-friendly and ZeroWaste orientations and sustainability towards the environment and nature;
  5. To promote Slovak organizers of events and subcontractors of events in the Slovak Republic and abroad;
  6. To carry out research on the basis of the data obtained from the participants in the events, to analyze the information obtained and to define the groups of participants in such events as well as their consumer preferences. Use of data while respecting GDPR requirements for follow-up activities and networking of collaborative events;
  7. Creating and supporting systematic contacts with professional institutions and academic institutions in the Slovak Republic and abroad;
  8. Cooperation with other legal and natural persons whose activities are in line with the HEI objective.

Our members

BIZ Consulting, s.r.o.

Founding member

Nechala & Co. s.r.o.

Founding member

Pre gurmánov, s.r.o.

Founding member


HEI members can only be legal entities that agree to the purpose of HEI and HEI's statutes. HEI has two groups of members:

  • founding members
  • associate members
HEI members are required to:
  • comply with statutes, internal guidelines, and HEI regulations
  • to help achieve HEI goals and actively participate in his work
  • defend the interests of HEI
  • protect and enhance HEI property

Members of the cluster meet at the General Meeting of Members at least once a year. Founding members meet at regular meetings at least once every 2 weeks. The Board of Directors is the supreme body of HEI. The Board of Directors consists of the nominees of all founding members of the Association. Each founding member of the association may nominate one member of the board.

Cluster financing

In particular, the source of HEI funding are:

  • donations and voluntary contributions
  • grants from natural and legal persons, state authorities, including from abroad
  • interest on deposits in bank accounts
  • income from own activities to meet HEI objectives
  • other income

HEI funds are held in a separate bank account. The management of property and property rights of HEI is carried out according to an approved budget. Responsibility for HEI management lies with the Cluster Board.

Membership in organizations

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